Portrait Dr. Lajos Gracza   


Lajos Gracza was born on the 13th April 1932, son of a general practitioner Dr. Illes Gracza and Maria Gologi his wife in Rem/Hungary.

He studied Biology and Chemistry at the Scientific University Szeged Hungary, where he concluded his degree in 1955.

In 1958 he went on to graduate with a PHD Dr. rer. nat. From 1955 until 1958 Dr. Lajos Gracza was a teaching assistant at the University of Szeged Hungary. From 1959 until 1972 he was employed as a researcher by the Gedeon Richter chemical and pharmaceutical company.

From 1972 he was responsible for the Pharmaceutical Quality Control and Development Department at the company Müller Göppingen/Germany.

At the beginning of the 1980s he studied Biology at the University of Tübingen/Germany. He graduated with a degree in 1985.




During his working life Dr. Gracza published more than 100 scientific works, in the fields of Chemistry and Biology from medicinal plants.

Lajos Gracza received musical instruction from Mariska Antal, a pianist in Kalocsa/Hungary.


When he retired he founded the Liszt-Archive Göppingen/Budapest.

Since the establishment of the Archive Dr. Gracza has published 16 musicological works and is the author of three music books.

He was awarded the Golden Diploma from the University of Szeged in Hungary and the Béla Bartok Memorial Price in 2006.